AMA Recap DeHR Network with Partnership Kenzo – Revealing 5 important information about Dapp


AMA Recap DeHR Network with Partnership Kenzo – Revealing 5 important information about Dapp

AMA Recap DeHR Network with Partnership Kenzo

On Sunday 9th January, 2022 DeHR Network had an AMA about Beta App hosted by Partnership Kenzo Community. The representative from DeHR Network is Head Product Mr. Khang Hoang, he had shared a lot of information about our App. Moreover, thanks Kenzo Community for being the supportive host and their active members for interesting questions also!

Below are the AMA Recap and some main points of this AMA Beta App:Partnership Kenzo

AMA Recap Part 1: About SpeakerPartnership Kenzo

Question: Hi Khang, ​​could you please start by introducing yourself?
Khang: Hello everyone at Partnership Kenzo Ventures. Nice to meet you guys. I am glad to be here today with a warm welcome from everyone. I am Khang and I am Head Product of DeHR.Partnership Kenzo

My background profile is developing a system, product for digital transformation in Finance, Fintech & Edtech. Since I have worked in a technology career then I knew about crypto and blockchain very soon. I always seek opportunities to develop a practical application product for applying this technology to real life. That’s why I quitted my previous job and join DeHR when I had a chance.Partnership Kenzo

Thanks again everyone for organising the AMA Recap. I believe we will have a great AMA Recap and you will know more about our DeHR product.

AMA Recap Part 2: Some overview questions about the projectPartnership Kenzo

Question: What is Project DeHR? Can you simply introduce about DeHR’s operating model for AMA participants to understand?
Khang: DeHR can be described as a “Decentralized LinkedIn” where Users can Connect, Earn, Exchange Data as a daily basis through ”CONNECT TO EARN” career activities.


AMA Recap DeHR A Decentralized Social Career Metaverse

The connecting mechanism is based on social networking, NFT items trading, recruitment, training and more features that will continue to expand.Partnership Kenzo

DeHR will be a Web3.0 based on data economy combining AI and Token to create an ecosystem where all participants can trade information, NFTs transparently and directly.Partnership Kenzo

Sure, it will be a combination of 03 components in one D-App. Starting with 2 platforms: BSC & KRC. In the near future DeHR will connect more with other platforms and bring them all on DeHR’s ecosystem.Partnership Kenzo

1. Data Marketplace: everyone needs data everyday for different purposes, especially in Career data: your identities, your salary information, your healthcare records etc…
2. DeFi integration.
3. Social Feeds which is to increase the interactions between Users, not only an app for job posting or recruitment.

DeHR could be the first Global Career Token that everyone can use to all of data demand in a large ecosystem of DeHR which will further expand to a huge use cases in the future.

Data governance integrated with NFT become a great output for Learning Development, Business consultant NFT, Fintech, Organisational Development.

Question: What’s the stage of the project right now?
Khang: We have just finished and released Beta version for open testing on 29 Dec, 2021.

Our Beta version is available on both Android and iOS systems, a user can download apk or testflight to experience our features. Also we are collecting bug reports and user’s recommendations to improve the DeHR app. All will help us a lot to make better in Official Launch at Q1, 2022.

Question: What’s special about this Beta version of DeHR?
Khang: For Beta version, we have some new features compared to MVP as eKYC, Membership, Post Job,…

First of all, eKYC is upgrading for KYC, it’s a mandatory when users create their wallet. Beside ID verification, we have live recording video with actions following instruction. It will reduces fake accounts and increasing authenticity for user profile.

After finishing KYC, users can create their own profile with scoring and your setup pricing. Your scoring will be rated based on verification and endorsement metric by time and user number. It will increase accuracy for your profile.

In the future, we will build it to become an avatar profile NFT. Avatar Profile NFT acts as a passport and helps you connect with the global ecosystem of companies, organizations and individuals through Social Feeds, Decentralized Finance & Data Marketplace.

Second, a membership level, we have 4 membership levels are Guppy, Dolphin, Shark and Whale. You have to stake DHR to upgrade a level number you want.

Higher level, higher benefit. You can only have missions if you upgrade to higher level, our missions will give you more DHR as a reward. If you can referral more people, you will have more missions and more DHR.

Users who upgrade to Pro-User can use a Post job feature. All recruitment can use it to find potential candidates for companies, organizations. Besides it, we will develop this feature to expand more with photo, videos, training, NFT and everything you own to monetize. It is a real data marketplace where every can do whatever they want with their assets.

In the future, DeHR will develop characters with 3D profiles, with NFTs being items that we can earn, trade, personalize, representing our style, lifestyle, and “thing” me” upon entering the Metaverse. Each person participating in DeHR Career Social Network will be their individual, unique, outstanding and will succeed in their own way.

AMA Recap Part 3: Twitter and Live QuestionPartnership Kenzo

Some of the highlights from the AMA session and here’s the AMA recap:

@nguyendung12322: I’ve heard CV applied on the DEHR platform will be verified. Honestly I find it a little hard to believe. How could you verify CV? What kind of technology is used to verify their CV?
Khang: We are designing DEHR with all profiles to have KYC at the input. Not alike Linkedin, DeHR set up a scoring system to have your profile cross verified by large network then improve the trustworthy of data.

As a decentralised platform, we don’t store User data. All data input that user set to exchange. We will remove it from our system with 3rd party audit making sure User fully control of their data.

Since a company or other Users want to unlock your data, it will be decided by the owner from a smart contract With DeHR Your Data, You Own it.

@ngoclan8888: Will my DHR in Open Beta be kept in the Official version? Besides profile pricing, can users monetize other types of data on DeHR Dapp?

Beta version is only for open testing, it is running on testnet, not a mainnet so your DHR in Beta will not be kept in the Official version.

User contact profile is just a starting point. In the future, users can monetize by others data such as photos, videos, their stories, their feeds…

What do you own, you can monetize from it.

@huyenthuvu7549: What is the utility of your native token $DHR ? Also, what special features do you have or plan to implement that keeps you ahead of your competitors?

$DHR can be called a “Career Token” which is targeted to be used by the global labor market. $DHR will be a more affordable, globally accessible & accepted means of payment.

$DHR is used on the Marketplace to exchange data such as contact information, health records, financial records, interests etc…
Beyond that, DeHR acts as a “One stop solution” platform where people can now sell/buy services to/from all experts around the world related to learning and training courses, tuition sponsorship, resume templates, industry reports, market survey etc.

Similar to the trend “Play To Earn” (P2E), DeHR introduces a new trend: Connect To Earn (C2E) which offers many attractive rewards for those who participate and grow their connection in DeHR. The more you get connected, the more rewards you can get from both DeHR and the community.

Many new and exciting Earning features will be developed and deployed during the product roadmap as pre-designed missions which help DEHR token holders could gain more earning opportunities.

Staking $DHR to increase income.

DeHR aims to be a “One stop destination” solution that not only solves human resource problems but also has many other features in the fields of learning and training, finance, insurance, health,….

With a strategy of focusing on building products and connecting users with real needs on a global scale, it is clear that.
In the long term, the more transactions DeHR will create on the network, the more users will want to hold the token for use or as an investment channel. When demand is increasing and DeHR’s supply is limited. We believe that smart investors can make the right judgment with DeHR’s model.

@babycrypto14: #DeHR is releasing a Beta version. Is this version compatible on both Android and IOS? Can you show me how to download and join your testnest? As I mentioned before, we have released Beta versions for both Android and iOS.

You can go to our website Then, you will see on the top bar, we have 2 buttons “App for Android” and “App for iOS”.

If your phone is Android, you can click on Android and download an apk file from our google drive link. After that, you can install our app and start a journey of experience

If your phone is iOS, you click on iOS and follow our instruction to test our app on Testflight.Partnership Kenzo

@Ritulukim: People always check about safety and security from any project because much hack issues right now. I would like to know how is the safety from your project? How did you make sure that you are secure?

User’s personal credentials will be destroyed by Amazon S3 Find & Forgot solution which ensures GDPR and CCPA compliance. DeHR does not store any personal data from users (Example: phone number, email address etc.) periodly our data architect will be audited by well-known 3rd parties. All sensitive data that users want to lock will be hashed, other data will be public such as the data that people still public on FB, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram…Partnership Kenzo

Currently DeHR’s tech team led by many experts in blockchain, tech, cryptography. We are confident together we can bring the best and safest experience to users.

@mithilafarjanamim4321: How many team members do you have? Do they have enough experience in the blockchain field? Do they have any experience on working in crypto and non-crypto project?

DeHR core team is now expanding to 40 people from all over the world such as the US, UK, Africa and especially Asia.Partnership Kenzo

With experience is from business to tech and blockchain savvy, we understand how tough it is for companies to find talents these days and that’s why DEHR was born, to bring the best solution for everyone, eliminate middle men role and giving power back to the users.Partnership Kenzo
For more information, we have a board of advisors and representatives in different regions as you can refer to our website

@binhpham113: Does DeHR have anything to do with web3.0?
As I mentioned before, our product vision is data marketplace using blockchain, a decentralized data marketplace and it will be similar to web3. It will be verifiable, trustless, permissionless, self-governing, distributed and user can monetize profits from their personal data in native built-in payments easily.Partnership Kenzo

@freakingjesus: I see DHR is available on KRC20 and BEP20, so which chain will be used on DHR wallet?
At this time, we have both KRC20 and BEP20 on DHR wallet, it will be available on Official Launch version, users can transfer and receive DHR on a chain they chose.Partnership Kenzo

@LeilaniGarris”: “STAKING” is one of the STRATEGIES to ATTRACT USERS and HOLD Them long term. Does your GREAT PROJECT have a plan about Staking?
We have already released staking. You can check more information here

@vuhnkhoa06: On DeHR Dapp, is it possible to post other things besides the job posting feature?
For example advertising,…
Yes, you can. You can create any contents you want including advertising or anything you can imagine as as long as you don’t violate our terms & agreements.

In the future, we will develop more creating features such as creating feeds to make it easier for everyone to create their contents the way they want it. It is a real data marketplace where you create and own your data contents.Partnership Kenzo
Our AMA recap article ends here, thank you very much for taking your precious time to read!

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