BIC x DeHR Partnership Announcement

BIC x DeHR Partnership Announcement

Let’s welcome to BIC – Business Incubator Capital – on going to the partnership with DeHR!

There is one thing that connects DeHR and BIC strongly, the vision of a digital space with Technology solutions developed in the direction of putting People at the Center, heading to the potential of the project’s future when using technology to develop solutions and serve people the best. Furthermore, both partners do want to define themself in the global market. Hence, DeHR and BIC decided to join the partnership to visualize that vision and desire.

The BIC Capital was founded by the support of DTS – Digital Transformation for SMEs and has been operationed by CEO Truong Gia Khanh. DTS wants to develop the community with cultural background, knowledge, and digital skills for life, helping start up, especially blockchain projects, to catch up with technology in running business in our constantly-changing world and competitive market. DeHR, with the ambition to provide support from individuals including job seekers, students, experts to the organization of local and global market, takes roles of supporting platform for the career aspect in business operation. The more trusted and bigger networks we create, the more benefits we get together. 

With the strengths of blockchain platform, DeHR – Decentralized Human Relationship platform – would also serve the corporation on training course, recruitment or event supply the data marketplace using for their own business. BIC on the way of supporting start-ups, having DeHR as their prospect solution, would be successful with their vision. 

Again, let’s celebrate the Partnership between DeHR and BIC and remember for the 12/12/2021 with the IDO from DeHR!!

About BIC


The BIC focuses on finding and investing in technology, blockchain and digital transformation startups. BIC will connect investors with startups for capital investment, strategic advice and development support towards the goal of creating a bridge between Vietnamese startups and foreign investors.


About DeHR

DeHR – A Decentralized Social Career Metaverse

A Revolution SocialFi Network designed for “Everything About Your Career, Your Professional Work”. DeHR built the D-App for Users to have a unique Avatar Profile NFT, with this Global Professional Passport, users can connect to the ecosystem for Global Talents, Company, Organization through daily Social Feeds, Decentralized Finance & Data Marketplace.

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