DeHR AMA Recap with Defily Finance About: “Connect the People. connect the Human Relationship, via Connect to Earn”


DeHR AMA Recap with Defily Finance About: “Connect the People. connect the Human Relationship, via Connect to Earn”

October 14, 2021


Part 1Opening, Warm up Questions & Community’s questions Open Chat & Mute. The community submitted questions before the AMA. DeHR choose 5 best questions to answer & give the reward each question is $30. Total $150. DeHR already have their wallet address information, and will send to their wallet.
Part 2Live question – Open chat for 5 – 10 questions then mute chat Mute, DeHR choose 5 best questions to answer & give the reward, 10$ each

Part 1: About DeHR

Defily Finance – Global: please go ahead and tell us more about DeHR

Alex Vu | DeHR Network: DeHR is our project that focuses on the Human Resource Industry.Our vision is simple : To build a Decentralized Data Marketplace focus in HR industry
With current data governance, blockchain will be a game changer enhanced the ownership of data.

We all have our data exchanged everyday, especially when we want to apply for a Job. But most of the time, the one who benefits from the data that we should be the owner is the middleman, such as Job posting platform or Headhunters.

So with the DeHR Platform, we want to create a place where people can connect, exchange and own their own data, for their benefit. Which mean, you can earn from your data, not only for a job, but also for other activities in our Platform


Here is the visualization for all of you to have a simple view about what we are and what we want to achieve in the future. So the first use case to kick start : DeHR become One stop destination for Talents & HR services
Except getting the dream job from our quality employers, you keep your earning activated with DeHR application

Defily Finance – Global:

Alex Vu | DeHR Network: In the founding teams, we have 3 people who have joined the Crypto world since 2016 and 2017. At this time, we still have the question, why dont we develop a real use case that can leverage the power of blockchain and crypto. Since then, the founding team has developed the idea, but not until the early 2020, when the blockchain and crypto world has risen, the opportunities has appeared and we decided to form the team to realize our dream and our vision. In our team, we have all backgrounds, Crypto saavy, HR, Finance Expert, Retail, banking, Fintech, etc… More than that, our core team and advisor board consists of experts from Blockchain technology team. With that, we are strongly believe in realizing our vision to become the real use case, with the backing of Infinity Blockchain, Kardia, Cardano, etc.

Defily Finance – Global: It’s great to have a diverse background in a team where everyone can contribute their own color and perspectives. Back to DeHR, about HR solution, what makes you different from other players like LinkedIn?

Alex Vu | DeHR Network: Nice question .A lot of people compare us to Linkedin. Yes, we really want to build a Decentralised linkedin with blockchain technology. Moreover, we emphaisze on 2 key benefit of DeHR: Like what I mentiioned in the begining, when we have question about why someone else use our data and earn from our “asset”.

Our differentiation would focus on the two points
1. No intermediaries, you connect directly to employer
2. Cheaper price for company to hunt Talent


In term of product development, we did an in house benchmarking for the feature & solution that special from the rest. You can see what make us different is that we want to utilize the blockchain and crypto side, as we have the incentivized scheme for user , which we call Connect to Earn to attract users. In the other side of the platform, we will implement the “Platinum Employer Plan” which encourage more employers to join us in the early state, which can help us to achieve the “demand” side of the model. 

Defily Finance – Global: What is connect to earn?

Alex Vu | DeHR Network:


Connect to Earn is the core idea for the tokenomic of DeHR. With the Connect to Earn, we are making the trend for next period.

It is like Play to Earn in Gamefi, in our model, we want to help users to earn when utilizing their connection, their information.

The more connection, the more you can earn. Put it in a simple way like that. But in our model, we develop a lot of missions that users can complete to expand their network, connect with their friends, colleagues, verify their information, etc.. and then, earn from that activities


here is some example of our platform. Just for you to have some ideas about how it gonna look like. Finish your mission, earning your token. Just think about hours you spend on FB, LinkedIn everyday, while with DeHR, you can actually find a dream job and earn at the same time. Thats how we love our idea Connect to Earn

Defily Finance – Global: I saw you mentioned about Platinum Employer Plan, what is that? How are you gonna attract people who never been to the crypto world?

Alex Vu | DeHR Network: There are two points in the question. The first point is about the Platinum Plan. As mention above, the DeHR model is “supply” and “demand” for data, for people. as you can see above, we have executed the Platinum Employer package for companies to join us as early adopters in our private sales. They will receive some premium features that can support them to achieve the target of recruiting the best talents for their teams

Defily Finance – Global: Cool. Can you share about your tokenomics?

Alex Vu | DeHR Network: The second part would be the user acquisitions plan. In the first phase of the project, we will focus mostly on the Crypto, Blockchain users that are familiar with the idea of the Earning model. We already had several companies and thousands of Job Seekers line up for joining the DeHR to get connected and to earn. In the next phase, we will expand our plan for traditional businesses and users when the adoption increase

For the Tokenomics. Everyone can refer to our website with full information
I will highlight some key things here:

2 special Pools of the project are:
Marketing / Community is our Rewarding merchanism that set for our users community joining DeHR network
Ecoystem is designed for our Governance voting from DeHR holder with development of DeHR feature, mkt, etc.

 Our Tokenomic focuses on the idea Connect to Earn as I already mentioned above


But, not only that, as we will expand our ecosystem, the uses of $DEHR will be expanded as well

let look at the picture. Recruitment is only the 1st one. Later on, you can use our token to use/provide the services about L&D, Consulting, NFT and so many things that you can imagine with a Data Marketplace

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Defily Finance – Global: Great thanks. So about private sales, have you already concluded all the private sales? If so, who’d be your backers/investors for DEHR?

Alex Vu | DeHR Network: I think this is the question a lot of Defily members want to know. Seed sales completed by end August. Up to now, we already filled up 80% of Private sales where : 

– 50% is the Platinum Employer Package who already invest in HR & Business Blockchain, there are some tradditional company who really believe that DeHR will be their headache medicine. They will receive some premium NFT & Services as the early adopter and employers ready to “hunt” for the best talent in the DeHR Platform.  DeHR will reveal the list of these Employers very soon

– 40% of total pools are Venture & Community which help the educate & promote our Model in a long run

– 10% left will be Business Leaders, Crypto KOLs, Our Global Ambassador, or individual who are already create a network to help building DeHR traction 

Our biggests backers will be the Platinum Employers who will hold our tokens and actually use the token for their needs.

PS round will be end by mid October and today, we have ended the MVP testers Program, so it will be the private sale chances that offer to individual Investor. Wait for it 🙂

The list of Platinum Employers will be released very soon!!!!

Defily Finance – Global: Exciting. So there’s still chance to buy private sales guys. Can you share about DeHR Roadmap?

Alex Vu | DeHR Network: Yes, we want to have the true believers to join us, so our P.Sale is being conducted very serious. And what I mean a true investors, I can see the leaders of Defily would be the best ones


The Beta launch also in placed by December for everyone to get their rewarding activated. We are exploring more launchpads such as BSC or so to have more coverage and actually more further. As our vision is going global, and we want to attract more users from other communities, not just Kardia communities. With that, the users will get more benefit and our model will get stronger

Defily Finance – Global: Great. Here are some questions from the community

About dehr’s design, will you add “surf” feature like Tinder to find jobs or CV on app? I think that’s a great idea, to make users’ experience more interesting. And will any special features be added?

Alex Vu | DeHR Network: It is an interesting question. We all try Tinder, most of us. We have the Tinder-like idea, or in our internal team, we call it “Blinder”- Blockchain tinder, which can make the matching and reviewing/verifying more fun and easy to adapt by many young users. However, we have to make sure it is professional and stick to our core value and core vision. So it will be the balance of interesting/fun and HR/professional standards. About “special features”, we have plenty of them, and of course, we will update them on the roadmap, stay tunes to get more and more great things with us

Defily Finance – Global: What is the plan to make employers choose to use DeHR? Can you please how to do it, how to find more people are finding job ?

Alex Vu | DeHR Network: As mention above, the DeHR model is “supply” and “demand” for data. The demand for the Crypto Human Resource is huge. All projects are lacking of qualified talents. Thats why we are focusing on the Blockchain and Crypto talents first. With the trend of remote working, the tendency of finding a job that are more flexible and creative would be the trend. DeHR will be the bridge to connect the Talents and the Company, in the technology, blockchain and crypto sectors. We already worked with BAS – Blockchain chapter of Vietnam Digital transformation alliance  or Vietnam E-com Assosciation. And we can confidently say that it will be a big hit in the market. we also have connections with Tessee, a famous and dedicated company and several Educational Institution to develop the L&D pillar to attract more students and employees for the technology. Also, we have European, Africa, and North American companies, universities and entities to get more people to join and adopt for the Blockchain technology.


You can see our global reps network, that will be our bridge to connect the traditional world and blockchain/crypto world to become a key player our market

Defily Finance – Global: Thanks. How is the security of data? Does DeHR own users’ information? Hope you will explain it in very detail.

Alex Vu | DeHR Network: Yeah, should be the concerns of every users. We all know about Facebook or Google try to monitor and record our data/info.

About Storing data, we have 2 options:
1. Sensitive data is stored in user’s devices.
2. Sensitive data is stored in servers under encrypted form.

Sharing data:
Data is encrypted by receipient’s public key so no one can read the data except the key owner.

To sum up, there is no information that DeHR store. We work on our committed way, You own Your Own data.

When running tech projects, we can’t guarantee that we won’t be hacked. Blockchain & smart contract are also born to reduce hacker intrusion. However, as you said, now that the major exchanges know about the hacks that happen a lot. To minimize and avoid this. DeHR may share:

– DeHR’s smart contract is built by an experienced Blockchain team from major blockchain chains such as Kardia chain, Cardano and Etherum.

– DeHR uses 3rd party Audit, applies ISO 27k series and GDPR. The development, update and audit processes will also be transparent to ensure as much attack reduction as possible.

Last but not least, we have our CFOO, Victor, is an well-known expert in Risk and Forensic areas, who was incharge of many securities and auditing for a lot of big corporates around the world.

So I think with his work and our experienced tech team, we would be confident about our keeping our platform secured.

Defily Finance – Global: There’s a question asking if DeHR plans to connect with other chain. I think you mentioned about BSC, is there anything you wanna add more?

Alex Vu | DeHR Network: That is the question we have received a lot of times.

In fact, we have plan to list on other CEX or DEX in order to expand our DeHR ecosystem and create more convenience for users
For the technology, we can ensure that we will continuously improve to ensure the technological and securities experience to the users.

With the bridge from Kadiachain, we are exploring new launchpad like BSC – that is what we can confirm now and other chains to attract more users to bring more value and develop the stronger platform.

All I can say now is wait for other bigger things to come in the future.

Defily Finance – Global: Except for HR does DeHR have different use cases? How to make user that still want to use DeHR after they have a job? This is probably our last question that we received from the community.

Alex Vu | DeHR Network: Our idea is after getting a job, why stop earning ? It is not only getting a job, DeHR will provide a marketplace for all users can connect and exchange their data for more benefits in the futures. 

DEHR Token use case:
– Global users monetized their Identities in Resumes as an Entry to the Career Marketplace where they can then spend or earn more by completing verification, endorsement, testimonials, reviews, coaching, consulting etc…
– Salary / Income which is verified by the Hiring companies would be the next use case where financial service providers would love to approach it
– Healthcare information would be monetized as well
– At the end of the day, every single users in DeHR will possess a set of NFTs which make them UNIQUE and COMMERCIALIZED to any economy both offline, online, omnichannel

And then, we will implement the Staking, as well as Membership program for our users, so that the token flow will be stronger and the demand is higher.

Part 2: Live Question

Thiện Tai: Currently, in the marketplace, there have been a few HR well-known projects such as Human or Braintrust. What’s the difference of DeHR compared to others? To attract investors.

Alex Vu | DeHR Network: To answer this question, to set our platform stand out, let take these points

Our competitors:

–  They go with niche market: freelancers, tech sector, …..

–  Users access to job opportunities but other problems of the recruitment market is not yet resolved

–  The tokenomics is quite limited as there is not much services which users can spend token to use in the platform


–  We cover the whole global market: it means an Africa can earn a job in Europe which help them make a living and get better career move

–  We motivate users to verify, endorse, give testimonial, reviews, rating regarding to profiles of other users => DeHR bring the Trust to every single data that is exchanged and traded

–  We create a global career marketplace that is gradually launched to help all people around the world can use their expertise to earn Token in their free time

Hoangg: As I know DeHR has a staking system. So do I need to staking with other tokens? This is a mechanism that I don’t like much because sometimes I want to invest in DeHR, DeHR will encourage adding other tokens to get more $DeHR but the value of the other tokens are not what I want.

Alex Vu | DeHR Network:

Like we mentioned above, our model is to create a global career marketplace. To make this happen, DeHR needs to cooperate with many different ecosystem, communities so that our users can have access to as many opportunities as possible. We will carefully choose our partners when making a new pair of staking.

So yes, we have staking !!!

More than that, DeHR introduce a unique staking mechanism which is called Stake Resume – Earn Token. It means you not only invest in DeHR but also in YOUR RESUME. In this case, DeHR’s members get benefits both with DEHR token and with career development

Anonymous: Your “connect to earn” slogan is quite interesting but I wonder you’re trying to give users too much tokens, too much advantages, when you IDO, probably they would sell their tokens and your price of DEHR will drop. How can you deal with that?

Alex Vu | DeHR Network: Definitely in the beginning, we need to have the pool for supply which is pulling the demand by Employers, L&D, ESS reporting program. 

We use the Marketing/Community token pool to educate our users about Their Right to Their Data. In this case, when you complete DeHR missions, Staking a Resume you will get rewards from DeHR for sure. But then, since we also acquire many Hiring companies to join the platform, they will be the one who has strong demand in buying your data. To activate the Pro-User functions, the company will Stake an amount of Token, buy more token to open your Resume. That will create a Huge Demand of DeHR token. 

But the Marketing/Community pool is limited. When DeHR reach the expected user pool and the token has reached the cap. DeHR will move to next phase that automatically run an Economy where Users no more get rewards from DeHR. That is truly the benefits of DeHR’s early adopters only. As soon as you join DeHR, become the verfy first users who try many features that we launch in our platform, you can have many more chances to received the reward. 

We have our own strategy to balance the demand & supply of the $DEHR token in a mid run & long run. So stay tune & join with us

Adios: How important is the community to DeHR? How can we cooperate and help you develop DeHR more bigger, famous and stronger than ever?

Alex Vu | DeHR Network:

Community is one of the most important elements that DeHR would aim to cooperate. Our model is Connect-To-Earn which means if a single person joins the platform, his/her information could be bias or show no value since people might know nothing about him/her.

However, the bigger the community, the more chances to get connected, more chances that someone want to ask for your help, more chances that you could earn token, earn opportunities, earn relationship. Put all these things together, DeHR love to connect all global communities together

So, the community will be the execution and realization of our vision: Connect the People. connect the Human Relationship, via Connect to Earn


as you can see, from student to a employer, each of us can be the member or a leader of a community, so, we are all the part of the community, and when you have the connection in the community, we will together build the DeHR into a better place for us to freely connect and exchange our data in a secured and trusted manner

C Phan: Do you have any plans to expand DeHR globally?

Alex Vu | DeHR Network: The future, the challenges in going global! Our strategy is going global, because we want to create a place where no boundary or limitation on connecting people, we dont want to focus on just only one country or areas.

– We connect with global experts in many fields: Recruitment, Trainer, Coach, Consultants, Business Global Leaders etc…. They join DeHR as a Global Representative in their regions: Europe, Asia, America etc.

We connect with global investors: we are dealing with big backers who can help DeHR to access to global communities and users.

So, we are working toward a global platform and we already had several big players to join, and wait to see what is ahead our road ❤️

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