DeHR partnership with Mayor Capital


DeHR partnership with Mayor Capital

September 9, 2021

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Intro DeHR partnership with Mayor Capital

About DeHR


About Mayor Capital

We are pleased to announce the DeHR partnership with Mayor Capital, an investment fund that exclusively consults in blockchain-enabled companies.

Mayor Capital manages a portfolio of different investments in game changing projects that is worth more than $450mil . With Mayor Capital expertise and network, two teams come together to bring delightful HR solutions to the blockchain community across Vietnam and Asia.

With the Mayor Capital teaming up with DeHR Network, bringing more expertise and views to contribute to the project, we are looking forward to building a mutual relationship that can provide more benefits to users of DeHR and investors of this venture, as well as all Kardiachain users.

Let’s celebrate this good news with us, and spread the word to your network to join the DeHR family!!
More partnerships & important news will be announced soon!!!

About DEHR


DeHR is a disruptive Web 3.0 to solve the problems of the current HR market, where Talents and Employers can directly connect and share the most verified and trusted data.

More than that, DeHR’s Vision can be expressed as “A Human Relationship Passport” that contains Personal & Professional Data for everybody to Connect, Share, Exchange and Upgrade their Professional Career.

The team includes business leaders in different industries, and it is our commitment and driven ambition to develop an ecosystem that can support the Human Relationship more effectively, giving more transparency, through a secured and connected platform fostering the adoption of Blockchain to every user.

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About Mayor Capital:


Mayor Capital was established in early 2017 with the mission of adding value with active portfolio management to help our members reach their long-term financial goals.

We achieve this by managing our own crypto portfolio and provide free consultation for those who are interested in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Collectively we manage more than $450M of assets, including BTC, ETH, BNB and real estates.

Our investment professionals, who on an average have more than 10 years of wealth management experience.


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