DeHR Network and Wildcat Venture Partnership Annoucement – A Great Step In Sep 2021

DeHR Network and Wildcat Venture Partnership Annoucement

DeHR Network and Wildcat Venture Partnership Annoucement – A Great Step In Sep 2021

DeHR Network and Wildcat Venture Partnership Annoucement

With the vision of creating an ecosystem in career services where the global workforce can find a pathway to success and improve their lives, DeHR is glad to announce our new investor venture, Wildcat Venture JSC, a boutique investment firm that heavily invested in many different blockchain projects. DEHR and Wildcat Venture will be a great union.

As a proactive venture that has experience in investment and business partnership in North America and Asia, Wildcat will be one of our long-term business investors. The DeHR team would like to offer blockchain-based HR solutions to Wildcat’s invested projects and community and fasten the blockchain technology’s adoption in enterprises. We believe this business relationship will develop sustainably and gain lots of extremely wonderful results in the near future.

Let’s celebrate by welcoming Wildcat Venture JSC to join us in the Investment Board and spread this good news to the world!

Stay tuned for more large investors and important news soon to be updated on our channels, especially the AMA for Vietnamese Users this week and AMA for Global User Next Week!!!

About Wildcat Venture JSCWildcat Venture Partnership


Wildcat Venture (WV) is an investment advisory service joint stock company, focusing on helping early-stage projects acquiring the fund they need to operate their businesses. Wildcat Venture counts many of Vietnam’s most successful entrepreneurs and executives as its limited partners.Wildcat Venture Partnership

Wildcat Venture is a boutique investment firm that maintains an exclusive focus on providing strategic equity capital to small and middle market tech companies in North America and Asia that are well positioned for attractive growth.Wildcat Venture Partnership

Our goal is to create much value to investors and bring expertise to entrepreneurs that resulted in the creation of numerous market leading companies. Our specialized services cover:

  • Investment Planning
  • Company Development
  • Business Partnership

About DeHR

 DeHR – A Decentralized Social Career Metaverse

DeHR – A Decentralized Social Career Metaverse

Wildcat Venture Partnership

DeHR is a disruptive Web 3.0 to solve the problems of the current HR market, where Talents and Employers can directly connect and share the most verified and trusted data.

Wildcat Venture PartnershipDeHR is a Decentralized Social Career Metaverse where people fully control data to earn incomes, global jobs and relationships.

DeHR can be described as “Decentralized LinkedIn” where Users can Connect and Exchange Data as a daily basis but in a better way through ”CONNECT TO EARN” career activities: Earning with your career.Wildcat Venture Partnership

We build DEHR for YOU to Earn: earn legit profile, earn trusted connection, earn dream jobs. But not only that, YOU can earn DEHR tokens which is a source of passive income simply with Your Profile and daily social mining activities. Earning has never been easier with DEHR.

More than that, DeHR’s Vision can be expressed as “A Human Relationship Passport” that contains Personal & Professional Data for everybody to Connect, Share, Exchange and Upgrade their Professional Career.

The team includes business leaders in different industries, and it is our commitment and driven ambition to develop an ecosystem that can support the Human Relationship more effectively, giving more transparency, through a secured and connected platform fostering the adoption of Blockchain to every user.

Want to know more about the concept of “Connect to Earn”? And the chance to invest in DeHR in the next incoming in many launchpads, and get prizes for doing so ? Just join the channel and join the official  group to receive both valuable information and rewards !!!

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