DeHR Network Token Economics Explain


DeHR Network Token Economics Explain

September 21, 2021

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DEHR – The Career Token, A game changer for Human Resources Solutions


DEHR | Demand & Supply for a Career Token


DeHR Network Token Economics

DEHR – The Career Token, A game changer for Human Resources Solutions

DEHR is the pioneer token that open up the world of no limitation in Human Resources services including: Recruitment, Learning & Development, Organisation & Career Development & more functions expanded. The Token is used for almost every activities of these fields related to DeFi, NFT solutions which attached to the main core business expansion

DEHR | Demand & Supply for a Career Token


1/ The Supply :
Each of the activities on DeHR application is designed to be a rewarding mechanism that encourages Users engaged daily, weekly with DeHR.
The Ecosystem pool operated based on Voting right from DEHR community & DEHR holders helps to growth the products & feature. In context of global expansion, DEHR reserved an ecosystem pool to reach our goal of The Future Human Resources Platform in a transparent, creativity from our clients, partner, holder.

2/ The Demand:
– DEHR token is demanded for all quality service, data & products exchange on the platform such as Hiring, L&D, school aids, ESS survey & more advanced features that benefit both organisations & individuals.
– More than an HR application, DEHR brings Users to the world of blockchain smart solutions through DeFi, NFT products which gain benefit to users through their DEHR token holding. More products will be released within the DEHR ecosystem in the future.

DEHR Token Metrics

The DeHR token is a KRC-20 utility token issued on the Kardia blockchain. It plays an integral role in the DeHR ecosystem. DEHR token is to purchase data/services in a decentralized manner

We want to share the DEHR Network tokenomics. The tokenomic information seen below related both the supply of the token itself (supply, initial circulation, etc) and to the seed, private and public sales of the DEHR Token Network. Here is a summary of the tokens allocations:

Token Name : DEHR
Total Supply : 1,000,000,000 DEHR
IDO : Q4-2021 (date will be released 2 week before the IDO 2)

Sales stage :
Seed sales : $154,000 @$0.008 per DEHR
Private sales : $1,936,000 @$0.015 per DEHR
Public sales : $110,000 @0.02 per DEHR


Noted :
*Marketing / Community: This pool is designed to reward DEHR Users with numerous activities on DeHR Platform included submit CV, verified, endorse, review which to enrich the DEHR network. Our Rewarding merchansm will be share transparently to public since we launch the Beta Product by Q4-2021

*Liquidity : Reserved for DEX, CEX liquidity provision

*Ecosystem reserved: This is the growth pool for DEHR features & ecosystem, partnership which is operated by Governance / Voting right from DEHR holder for every single vesting schedule. 

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