Dehr Network With Partnership Kephi Gallery – Reveal 5 Interested About Connect To Earn

Dehr Reveal The NFT Partnership With Kephi Gallery

Dehr Network With Partnership Kephi Gallery – Reveal 5 Interested About Connect To Earn

DeHR Network Reveal The NFT Partnership With Kephi Gallery

The New trend “Connect To Earn”, instead of “Play To Earn” – If you play game NFT, you play to earn. So with DeHR, you looking for job, you verify your network, you endose anybody. All of these activities we call “Connect”. So we will introduce a New Trend call : Connect to Earn.


This is still early to say about the whole campaign, but everything will start from.Kephi Gallery


Staking your Resume.Kephi Gallery


This is how to earn with DeHR – Numerous Mission to earn on DeHR

Answer Questions about DeHR Network – Connect to Earn Kephi Gallery

1. Lulu: What is Project DeHR? Can you simply introduce about DeHR’s operating model for AMA participants to understand?What kind of a team is there building DeHR overall, what kind of backgrounds do the team have?

Vince Hoang: Our vision is simple : To build a Decentralized Data Marketplace focus HR industry With current data governance, blockchain will be a game changer enhanced the ownership of data.Kephi Gallery


Our belief : Your data, you own it.Kephi Gallery


This is how we define ourself for a long term. So the first use case to kick start : DeHR become One stop destination for Talents & HR services. Except getting the dream job from our quality employers, you keep your earning activated with DeHR application. One of key feature : Set your own pricing with your personal data.

2. Nico Verderosa | Kephi Gallery: So, employers will not only hire job-seekers but also pay them through DeHR using your native token? Amazing!

Vince Hoang: This is our visualise how you can actually own your data, not Job posting, not Headhunt, when they actually earn a lot from your own data.

3. Nico Verderosa | Kephi Gallery: What is the price?

Vince Hoang: Job seeker or candidate will be the one who set their contact price, their telephone number, their perosnal information which they want to sell to the data demand (company, employer).

4. Lulu: So as HR solution, what makes you different from other players like LinkedIn?

Vince Hoang:  A lot of people compare us to Linkedin. Yes, we really want to build a Decentralised linkedin with blockchain technology. Moreover, we emphaisze on 2 key benefit of DeHR:Kephi Gallery

  • No intermediaries, you connect directly to employer
  • Cheaper price for company to hunt Talent


In term of product development, we did an in house benchmarking for the feature & solution that special from the rest. A lot more different, but we try to become an agressive player join the HR & Blockchain world. To develop the blockchain adoption around the world. That what we try to doKephi Gallery

5. Lulu: what is DEHR Token utility? how would it capture value within your ecosystem overall? Could you please share your tokenomics in general?

Vince Hoang:  Yeah, for the Tokenomics. Everyone can refer to our website I will highlight some key things here

This is our metrics

Marketing / Community is our Rewarding merchanism that set for our users community joining DeHR network Ecosystem is designed for our Governance voting from DeHR holder with development of DeHR feature, marketing, etc…Kephi Gallery


Demand & Supply is very key for DeHR model

Imaging a Decentralised Data Marketplace. Everyone need Data everyday. The demand is huge, So with DEHR in your pocket, you will explore the whole world in the most convinient & cheaper way.


Hope with a short summary, you will get our tokenomics and Why DEHR will become the next big thing!

6. Lulu: What kind of users and customers will DeHR focus on? what is your user acquisition strategy?

Vince Hoang: I can visualize by this image


DeHR can solve a full life cycle of a person from student growing to employee & finally they can become a employer or professor. Indeed, blockchain & crypto is not adopted so we have special user acquisition strategy in the first 1,2 years in Blockchain, Developers, IT, Digital Marketing.

Where user are most familiar with tech & crypto to actually understand it’s value. Then we will step by step expand to the whole Retail, Finance, Banking…where they need us the most with a active Recruitment & Career environment.

7. Lulu: What do you expect from companies and employers when they use DeHR platform?

Nico Verderosa | Kephi Gallery: It’s amazing to see a descentralized solution for seeking jobs and hiring people, but how will you incentivize companies to join DeHR?

I understand job-seekers already will want to get in for the amazing opportunity to find the ideal job for them…or will they have an extra incentive as well?

Vince Hoang: Yes, this is our core strategy to become a game changer Nico, not only seeking for a quality job from our platform.
The differenciate is They will get earning with our core program.


For the Job Seeker, you will have a lot of earning activities on DeHR everyday. That is big suprise that we want to give to the users getting a job, getting an earning. Is it great Nico?


8. Lulu: what do you expect from DeHR platform regarding managing HR for Kephi Gallery?

Nico Verderosa | Kephi Gallery: When we first started this company, Kephi Gallery, we got a TON of messages and emails from people from all over the world wanting to apply for different positions. The team will not let me lie about it. And that process is messy.

DeHR’s partnership with Kephi Gallery will solve that. You can’t really tell, as an employer, whether the offers are legit or not, nor check their background. You basically have to trust what they say and give them a trial or not. Basically follow your gut.


With a solution as DeHR this will not happen.

Job-seekers will CLEARLY have an incentive to upload their CVs, get references, have their data validated, etc. and companies will be able to make an informed decision as to who to hire for each position. It’s amazing! we will definetly be among the first companies to use DeHR.

Vince Hoang: That’s how we can support world wide company like Kephi about recruitment, the demand is huge, but to connect to job seekers is not easy at all

9. Lulu: Have you already concluded all the private sales? If so, who’d be your backers/investors for DEHR?

Vince Hoang: Yes, this is our roadmap for 2021


So we will end PS by mid October. Currently our Private sales prioritize for Venture & Investor, we will launch a program to engage more with Private investor by W4 September with the Connect to Earn Program. We will keep all information update on our DeHR official Channel FYI

10. Minh Trí Phạm: In Vietnam, Game or NFT is trending now. If DeHR project works well only with career. Do you think it has enough heat on the crypto market?

Vince Hoang: As I explained above, CONNECT TO EARN is our key theme. We strongly believe that this will be the next trend. With our Web3 & the data governance issue. We will focus on our product development, our educational topic so it bring a high value to Users and impact directly to the cryto market. NFT is the key thing combine with our C2E.

11. nomi11111: I’ve heard CV applied on the DEHR platform will be verified. Honestly I find it a little hard to believe. How could you verify CV? What kind of technology is used to verify their CV?


Vince Hoang: Thanks Nomi, It is the power of network and nature of Blockchain technology with 51% rule. We call it Cross Verified. 1 or 10 people can tell lie, but 51% of 100 or 1000 is another story.

We will encourage everybody to go through our KYC & profile set up.

Instead of Connect like Linkedin, we create numerous activities for Users to networking. And increase the credibility of any profile.
That how we enpower the network & its trustworthy. This will be a lot of other tatics that we can verify network.

12. robertamee81: Does DeHR have job connections in the international market? I mean overseas jobs. In VN and global market, what efforts has DeHR made to expand its recruitment network? How can your project become known to many businesses? What will DEHR do to cooperate with many businesses?

Vince Hoang: We did prepare for a big launch of DeHR, that’s why we gather a team of Global Representative.


They will be our first Special force team together with 4 more members just on board to recruit company around the world!13. dinhtho92: I have been researched about the project, I know that employers have to pay fees in Dehr tokens, so is there any mechanism for employers to earn more Dehr token?

13. dinhtho92: I have been researched about the project, I know that employers have to pay fees in Dehr tokens, so is there any mechanism for employers to earn more Dehr token?

Vince Hoang:

  • Employee Satisfaction Report contribution.
  • Verified for Professor, exEmployee reference checkand a lot of activities like Staking.

14. Nami-channnn: It is known that kphi and dehr have become partners. So in the future, how will the two projects cooperate with each other? How do you support each other?

Nico Verderosa | Kephi Gallery: Indeed, DeHR & Kephi will get a huge mutual benefit of both media & business use cases. DeHR as a data market place and Kephi as a NFT market place. I mentioned before a few things we can do, and I can add NFT for top CV, NFT for Learning sessions from top business leaders , etc.

Of course we will help each other as projects to grow together and build up our communities. And if at any moment DeHR wants to have a featured collection of NFTs in Kephi Gallery, they will have it too.

Vince Hoang: a great corporation , we will grow together & grow strong.

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