DeHR Talkshow – The Amazing Global Passport To Career Metaverse

DeHR Talkshow - The Amazing Global Passport To Career Metaverse

DeHR Talkshow – The Amazing Global Passport To Career Metaverse

DeHR Talkshow – The Global Passport To Career Metaverse

1, Hello guys this is Thuy Anh, the most beautiful and adorable Community manager of DeHR, or at least that’s what the rumor said. Well let’s not make all other awesome CM ladies in our community pouting any more, shall we? Either beautiful or not, I have to admit that I am one of the luckiest girl tonight because, being right here with me tonight is such a handsome bright man from the DeHR team, mr. Khang Hoang, head product of DeHR and let’s not waste more time, I am so excited to find out what the guy has to share with us tonight. Hello Khang Hoang. I hope that you have a wonderful night with us and it’s a lovely chance to be here with you, I am sure our audience are all craving for information. Will you feed us some ?

Good evening ladies and gentlemen, thank you Thuy Anh for the introduction. My name is Khang Hoang and I am the head product of the DeHR team. Before starting the talk show today, I would like to share some of the achievements that the Team has achieved in passport

This year, DeHR has marked many important milestones. Without all of your support, we wouldn’t have come this far. Let’s take a look back at these special events:
global passport

🔸 IDO on 3 launchpads
🔸 Listed on PancakeSwap & Kadex
🔸 Listed on Coinmarketcap & Coingecko
🔸 Launching Beta testnet version

Once again, thank you very much for your unwavering support in every step of DeHR. And there’s definitely more good things to come!global passport

2, Listen to this champ! How charming ! DeHR has achieved some super milestones and I have to say it is so impressive to witness it. According to First move Asia on 20/01:” Bitcoin continued to slide, falling under $42,000. The largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization has been languishing well off last week’s high as investors worry about dicey macroeconomic conditions, including supply chain issues, the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, rising inflation and a slump in technology markets.

Ether followed a similar path and was slightly down for the day, trading between $3,000 and $3,200 throughout the previous 24 hours. At the time of publication, ether was at 3,144, a 1.7% drop for this period. Most of the major altcoins spent their day in the red”. 21/1 even brings us a bigger surprise when BTC price drop below 39.000$ and not to mention the altcoin, i am silently crying here right now. Well it does not seem like Christmas to me here and some of our lovely members are concerned, what is your prediction on the upcoming price action of BTC ? Are you a bear or a bull fan?

Ha ha ha. I did not expect this kind of question right at the start of our conversation. Can it be like you wanna chase all our audience away, girl? Eat the dip, they said, right? Well, if i can predict BTC’s price action, i would not be sitting here right now talking to you and all DeHR members, also when it sounds like a very delightful idea ha ha.

It is hard to say I am a bear or bull fan. I am a tech man, a businessman and also a trader.

I believe in myself and my judgment. So I do my own research before I place a buy and I always leave at least 2 other amounts for DCA. Once I place a buy, I can be a tough guy. Panic sell is not a word in my dictionary and that passport

3, The pandemic situation in the past 2 years has greatly affected the lives and work of millions of people around the world. What are the effects of DeHR’s product in supporting jobs after the Covid-19 epidemic?

The problem here is Career Opportunities. In fact, the way DeHR is addressing this is to hit this point. If you really want a job, you can simply set a price for your profile, which is free. Then any company can access it. This is a very different point because current platforms need to have a cost to feed their operation, they can’t do it like passport

The second thing, because DeHR is not geographically dependent, any company in the world can see you, hire you. Of course, the rental price is decided by both parties, but if you really want a job, there’s always an passport

4, Security is a top concern in Blockchain projects. Mr. Hoang Khang, can you share more about what the team has done to ensure the best security for users?

User’s personal credentials will be destroyed by Amazon S3 Find & Forgot solution which ensures GDPR and CCPA compliance. DeHR does not store any personal data from users (Example: phone number, email address etc.) periodically our data architect will be audited by well-known 3rd parties.

All sensitive data that users want to lock will be hashed, other data will be public such as the data that people still public on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram,…global passport

Currently DeHR’s tech team is led by many experts in blockchain, tech, cryptography. We are confident together we can bring the best and safest experience to passport

5, Currently, the NFT trend is still going on actively and attracting big players like Mastercard, Walmart, Nike, Pepsi, … How do you rate this direction? Can you explain the NFT feature on Dapp? What role does NFT play for users?

In the future, DeHR will develop characters with 3D profiles, with NFTs being items that we can earn, trade, personalize, representing our style, lifestyle, and “thing” me” upon entering the Metaverse.

Each person participating in DeHR Career Social Network will be their individual, unique, outstanding and will succeed in their own passport

6, Recently, DeHR launched a beta app and I love it. Do you have any plan to cooperate with any new artist to bring more cool graphics to DeHR? Any plan of making a CV actually fun and a perfect reflection of its owner, or even a new function that the user can design their very own profile chibi/character ? I am sure a lot of members also want an answer to this question.

This is a very interesting question. Well, blockchain and its usage is an open door to a completely new world for us all, and especially us – the development team are the one who are craving for the answer, a way to explore that world at most.

And on the other hand, we also listen to our users, in order to bring our members the best experience with DeHR, i am sure this idea will be discussed between my team and let’s see what we come up with.

Our members, our supporters, have the right to expect everything. There is still a long way to go but why not? It’s blockchain, you know. Every new idea is a new opportunity with blockchain, isn’t it?global passport

7, Any plan to release DeHR on different blockchain like Sol, Avax, Near, Nerve Network, Nuls….?

DEHR apps will have Multi-chain Support, starting from the official release. Then you can connect to many other networks besides BSC and passport

8, After all, we always have a strong ally, El Savador’s president, right ? Just kidding. I believe that with the strong support from our communities, the specific target DeHR aims for from the very first day, we all have the right to celebrate DeHR’s success in the future, don’t we? Any advice from an insider to our lovely member ? What should we do in this current situation of the crypto market? Without eating the dip, of course. I already have that in the first row of my ‘’to do list’’.

That is true by the way. In DeHR, we value our community and their support by working hard day and night, making sure to deliver the best, the one and only DeHR that is suitable, user friendly, and trying our best to follow the roadmap.

And I do believe that with our strong technical team, the hard work of our marketing team, the extraordinary initiative and support from our communities, we will see each other in a future where DeHR is the most popular Decentralized social Career Metaverse. The current situation of the currency market won’t last for long i believe.

When the entire Asian market is heading to a long lunar new year holiday, it’s a common thing that people are not so much up for trading. But as soon as this holiday over, we will see a huge return wave of funds getting back into crypto again. So for me this is a perfect buy zone, not so much competition, no price pressure.

Of course it is only my opinion and my advice to any crypto investor is always the same- DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH.  I believe that each member has their own unique investment tactic to win in the crypto world passport

Session 2 : Thank you very much, Khang Hoang. That was an interesting conversation and even though I know how charming I am, it’s just unfair to keep you or myself only when there are thousands of single ladies in our community waiting to have some time questioning you. global passport

Hmm, it kinda sounds like an old school thriller though. Just kidding! Let’s get to the incredible questions I have collected from our curious followers on twitter and find out who are the luckiest 5 members winning the best question prize tonight, shall we?

Q1. Now I have a CV about myself, so when I release the app, can I register to share it on the app so that business can find me?  And can I get a request for that business? @zayn1532

Of course you can. You can create your profile then create a content that shows you up. If cruiters feel interested, they will look at your profile and ask to unlock your profile to contact you.

You can get not only a request for that business but also a benefit from unlocking your passport

You can do a lot with our post job feature, not only for recruiters. Just create a content that you think it’s good for passport

Q2. I have been using the beta version from the beginning and  found some bugs. How can I report that with developers? Is there any reward for that? @Sunil58898226

You can go to our website Then you will see on the top bar we have 2 buttons “Apps for Android” and “Apps for iOS“.global passport

If your phone is android, you can click on Android and download the apk file from our google drive link. Then you can install our app and start your journey of experienceglobal passport

If your phone is iOS, you click on iOS and follow our instructions to test our app on passport

If you discover product defects or want to contribute ideas for better products, you can notify the DeHR team via the link:

Q3. Right now on the beta Dehr app does withdraw works? For example , could someone withdraw Dehr from the wallet’s app to Metamask wallet? @Soppeez

The current beta of DeHR is running on the Testnet, so it is not possible to transfer or receive DHR passport

However, in DeHR’s Official Launch, everyone can transfer and receive DHR tokens for both KRC20 and BEP20global passport

Q4. Will there be a referral system in the app? @Anuradh66882929

Yes, a referral system is available in our app, both Beta test or Official Launch later. You can get a lot of rewards if you can refer to your passport

Q5. DEHR is described as Web3.0. With a person with many years of experience in the Crypto market, what does Mr. Khang Hoang think about Web3.0? @RSituo

My vision about Web3 is a data marketplace using blockchain, a decentralized data marketplace. It will be verifiable, trustless, permissionless, self-governing,  distributed and users can monetize profits from their personal data in native built-in payments passport

Everyone will have a right with their own data to do anything they want but they also take a responsibility with their passport

Session 3: OK I must admit that it is nice to see how much our members sweat you out with their curiosity. You-on the other hand manage to find the way out pretty smoothly though ha ha. What would you say if we would return the favor with a mini game “I ask, you answer” ? I can’t wait to see which 5 members of us will be the fastest one who gives the correct answer to your questions. Shall we?global passport

Q1. What does DEHR stand for? 

  • Decentralized Human Relationship

Q2. How many levels of Membership on DeHR Dapp? 

  • Four

Q3. What is the mechanism of making money on DeHR? 

  • Connect To Earn

Q4. What exchanges are $DHR currently listed on?

  • Pancakeswap & Kaidex

Q5. List down some activities that we can earn on DeHR Dapp?

– Fill your resume
– Complete KYC 
– Connect to Wallet
– Set price for your resume
– Connect more people to expand your network
– Do daily quest/activities

You absolutely do not want to miss it, as not only make the community know more about DeHR but we also will leak some news in this AMA that would surprised all of youglobal passport

📌 DeHR – A Decentralized Social Career Metaverse:

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Telegram Vietnam group:

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