AMA: DeHR x GTA Recap About NFT marketplace, IFO, IDO


AMA: DeHR x GTA Recap About NFT marketplace, IFO, IDO

September 22, 2021

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🚀IFO & IDO will be fixed by early November 🔥

🚀BSC will be listing by December (we hope it will be a christmas for us 🌠🚀)

🚀The Beta  launch also in place by December for everyone to get their rewarding activated

🚀So that’s our story to end of Q1 next year. Get really excited and hope to have a big bang launch 

🚀Unique staking problem: You don’t need to stake your Token, you only stake your Resume & your Connection

🚀Membership of DeHR to increase your earning 

🚀NFT marketplace

  1. Andrew: What is Project DeHR? Can you simply introduce about DeHR’s operating model for AMA participants to understand? What kind of a team is there building DeHR overall?

Alex Vu | DeHR Network: DeHR concept is simple with our vision: To build a Decentralized Data Marketplace focus in HR industry

With current data governance, blockchain will be a game changer enhanced the ownership of data


Our belief : Your data, you own it.

This is how we define DeHR for a long term.However, every said Dream Big, but do small first. We apply one use case in Recruitment to kick start to build

One stop destination for Talents & HR services

Except getting the dream job from our quality employers, you keep your earning

activated with DeHR application

The team is all of experts in Crypto, Blockchain & sure from business leaders seeing the pain point of HR industry and how blockchain could help. We meet with the same vision & try to put 200% of what we are having to build DeHR

2. Andrew: So HR solution, what make you different from other players like LinkedIn?

Alex Vu | DeHR Network: A lot of people compare us to Linkedin. Yes, we really want to build a Decentralised Linkedin with blockchain technology. 

More than that, we emphasize on 2 key benefit of DeHR:

1. No intermediaries, you connect directly to employer

2. Cheaper price for company to hunt Talent

In term of product development, we did an in-house benchmarking for the feature & solution that special from the rest


Special from the rest. There will be DeFi & NFT integration so we actually using the strength of Crypto / Blockchain to make a revolution in HR industry. Real time data report & Hiring Dashboard are something Big corporate & firm are looking at us to become a game changer

3. Andrew: What kind of users and customers will DeHR focus on? What is your user acquisition strategy?

Alex Vu | DeHR Network: However, blockchain & crypto is not adopted so we have special user acquisition strategy in the first 1 year with 

Blockchain, Developers, IT, Digital Marketing who most familiar


Recently, I’m working with Kardia Ecosystem included 20-30 companies of blockchain which is huge demand for DeHR D-App solved their HR pain points. I believe all tech companies with a new technology, talents will be come a huge challenge to find. Also, talent need somewhere to show their strength and connect with top Company match with them. That’s where DeHR Talent Marketplace fit in & give them headache medicine 😊. With the blockchain adoption worldwide, we will step by step expand to the whole Retail, Finance, Banking…where they need us the most with a active Recruitment & Career environment

4. Andrew: What is DEHR Token utility? How would it capture value within your ecosystem overall? Could you please share your tokenomics in general?

Alex Vu | DeHR Network: If you play game NFT, Andrew play to earn. That is huge trend right now everyone want to be in

We ask ourselves, with Andrew career, he is looking for job, he verified his network, he endorse his colleague in GTA. What should we bring to him. We have an idea that call that you are Connecting

So we will introduce a new trend call: Connect to Earn


So it will be our main idea how to promote a new trend. Hopefully everybody can start talking about 

CONNECT TO EARN (C2E). Back to the tokenomics part, from C2E concept, we did finalize our metrics and economics how to best design for DeHR become a token for everyone. 

Everyone can refer to our website with full information will highlight some key things here about the metrics:

2 special pools of the DeHR different from others are :

 – Marketing / Community is our Rewarding mechanism that set for our users community joining DeHR network. The more you connect the more you get reward from the pool

 – Ecosystem is designed for our Governance voting from DeHR holder with development of DeHR feature, mkt, etc…(which we will explain further in next session

 DeHR Economics : We call DeHR is Career Token


Indeed : It will help everyone to keep their earning & support their Career in many ways

– DeHR using in Marketplace to exchange for data, products, services such as contact information, learning sessions, loans for school aids, buying Employee satisfactions survey…and a lot more in this 3 pillars



Imaging a Decentralised Data Marketplace

Everyone need Data everyday. DeHR will be definitely a gateway


So with DEHR in your pocket, you will explore the whole world of data in the most convenient & cheaper way 🚀🚀🚀 Hope with a short summary, you will get our tokenomics and this is why DEHR will become the next big thing!

5. Andrew: Have you already concluded all the private sales? If so, who’d be your backers/investors for DEHR?

Alex Vu | DeHR Network: Seed sales completed by end August with our key strategic Seed Investor, it was in 2 days. 

Moving to Private sales round to now, we already filled up 80% of Private sales where: 

– 40% is Global Venture & Community who already invest in HR & Business Blockchain, there are some traditional company who really believe that DeHR will be their headache medicine. DeHR will reveal the Strategic partnership very soon on our main channel

– 30% of total pools are VN Venture & Community which help the educate & promote our Model in a long run

– 20% left will be Business Leaders, Crypto KOLs, Our Global Ambassador who are already create a network to help building DeHR traction


PS round will be end by mid October before we will have a very special 

Private sales program call “Connecting the Talents” that offer to individual investor

6. Andrew: Can you share more about the milestones of the DeHR project? Especially the milestones that everyone is interested in, such as product launch, IDO, etc.

Alex Vu | DeHR Network:


We will have a big campaign call: Connect to Earn release by 1st October when our MVP released

Everyone hope you can catch the campaign to maximise your earning & become our early Users with numerous benefits. 

IFO & IDO will be fixed by early November 🔥

BSC will be listing by December (we hope it will be a christmas for us 🌠🚀)

The Beta  launch also in place by December for everyone to get their rewarding activated

So that’s our story to end of Q1 next year. Get really excited and hope to have a big bang launch 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀

7. Andrew: Can you list 1-3 killer features of DeHR that makes it ahead of its competitors? What is the competitive advantage your project has that you feel most confident about?

Alex Vu | DeHR Network: 1st thing DeHR will be the pioneer of Connect to Earn trend. Users of DeHR will not only finding the job but earning daily through our Mission Feature

Moreover, DeHR will remove Intermediaries / No cost & barrier of information. Candidates own their Resume and Personal Data.

Key feature which I can share: 

  1. Unique stacking problem: You don’t need to stake your Token, you only stake your Resume & your Connection
  2. Membership of DeHR to increase your earning 
  3. NFT marketplace

I will demo 1 feature : Set your own pricing with your personal data


This is our visualise how you can actually own your data, not Job posting, not headhunt when they actually earn a lot from your own data

8. Andrew: How Do you plan to promote your project in different countries, wherein English is not spoken well? Do you have a local community for them to better understand your project?

Alex Vu | DeHR Network: Sure, Global is our target 

DeHR has partners from around the world. For now, they are 

– Tim Phan DeHR Canada/ America representative, 

– Eddie Harrison DeHR Representative, 

– and Matthew Collier DeHR APAC representative. 

Not stop at that, we will have more partners all around the world in the future


Also, for the non-English country, we will have a network to expand to another language. For example, currently we are working with Investor from Japan to build the community of Japan by telegram & FB

9. Andrew: How important is the community to DeHR? How can we cooperate and help you develop DeHR more bigger, famous and stronger than ever?

Alex Vu | DeHR Network: DeHR will have 2 kinds of community which is really be our core of backer


  1. Crypto / Blockchain community: we will promote the new trend of Connect to Earn. Crypto community will have a new playground to increase your earning. Also, Data Governance will be a big trend of 2022 forward. We think DeHR will be a inspiration for our community heading to the future 


  1. Mainstream community which is employment community, Company, HR & Business leaders: We will become the game changer that breaks the barrier between Employee & Employer.

So with us, community is everything 👍

10. Andrew: What makes you feel confident about the survival & sustainable success of Your project in the near future? While you build your project, do you take into account community feedback and demands?

Alex Vu | DeHR Network: Like what I said. The community is one of the most important, your idea, your feedback is all we need to survive in this market 

DeHR belief that we are not the first one in the career hub but we are the first one by decentralized

That’s why in our tokenomics, there is a big portion we save for the Governance / Voting right from the community. We let’s the community vote for our developments regards:

– Feature development                           – Earning mechanism          

– Expansion                                              – etc….

That is how we respect and get inspiration from the community. Governance is our core token economics


11. Andrew: “Security & User Interface are the Most Important Aspect that Users see on a platform. How has Your Project worked on this? Is Platform suitable for Newbies in the crypto world?”

Alex Vu | DeHR Network

  1. Security: To ensure data of users secured that will not store on our server. We will apply ISO 27k series, GDPR for auditing our data. Moreover, we start with D-App not Webapp to make sure there will be a DeHR wallet for your token storage. You have private key for your transaction

Here is the visualization about our DeHR wallet.

  1. UI & UX: Our Product team gather expertise from both Blockchain & HR industry are working hard to build D-App which prioritize on User Experience for both HR mainstream & crypto user. 

Launching by W4 September, we will have tutorial video and our customer service 24/7 to help users experienced DeHR at most convenience & comfortable

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