DeHR x IM GROUP PARTNERSHIP: A way to streamline education in Decentralized Human Relationship Platform


DeHR x IM GROUP PARTNERSHIP: A way to streamline education in Decentralized Human Relationship Platform


    We proudly announce that IM GROUP join the DeHR family

    About IM GROUP and DeHR Network


     Today, We proudly have one more partner to join with us, IM GROUP – a well-known digital transformation business institute not only in Vietnam but also in the South East Asia Region, which would be one of key partners to extend the ecosystem of our decentralized human relationship platform. 

     At this time, it’s easy to find blockchain already changing the financial industry via cryptocurrencies; moreover, this great technology could apply to a wide range of industries from education, marketing to travel, supply chain, etc. DeHR is the project whose core value does focus on developing the Human Relationship. We still create incentive benefit as well as earning value for cryptoverse users by bringing the real utility for our token and building the career social platform, where people interact with each other with metaverse advantage, discuss and talk about numerous topics of their career or level up themself with sources of specialized courses…This at first appearance like becoming the decentralized Linkedin, but it’s not our solely vision, we are heading to the long term development for whole ecosystem in the Career Metaverse, advantage the partners approach the unlimited talent pool which full of skilled workers with variety of specialized background, especially the strong workforce for blockchain and crypto constant-changing industry. 

     This blockchain technology could have a transformative effect on education, streamlining record keeping and sharing, enhancing security and improving trust, simplifying the hiring process, and giving students ownership of their performance records for life. These are exactly the aspects that DeHR would love to emerge within the current service of IM Group. IM Group has established a well-known and trusted reputation for its courses focusing on digital business and marketing as well, helping thousands of individuals interested in ecommerce and omni-channel to make profit. When this partnership is going on, there are some highlight that we want to achieve but not limited in the future when the Dapp is officially using my million users:

  • The group of experts and specialists from IM group has a decentralized platform to connect directly with potential students
  • The student of IM group would have their unique certificate – NFT owning ship – which highly trusted and verified, accepted not by only local market but global scale as well
  • Both students and employees of IM group could utilize the DeHR platform to support and improve their career path by our “Connect to Earn” daily activities, strengthening their network and profile.  

About IM Group


     Over a decade in VietNam local market, with uncompromised motivation, IM Group along with its professional and experienced coaches keep upgrading their training courses and strategic plan. These numbers are proven stories, saying loader than any words:

  • 180.000 people joined IM group course to approach Online Business Foundation
  • Over 30.000 students keeps pursuing their knowledge with specialized courses
  • Over 30.000 websites on TOP Google – the result of our students with support from IM Group
  • Over 1.000 training courses has been hold with sorts of topics and methodology
  • Cooperating with VECOM (Vietnam E-Commerce Association) to host a series of workshops every years

     IM Group, with great desire to blockchain industry, is going to join with their own project also. The idea come with “learn to earn” – helping student not only enrich their knowledge but also have the incentive addition. Keep update and become the very first joiners of them – no price is higher than miss an opportunity!




About DeHR

     A Revolution SocialFi Network designed for “Everything About Your Career, Your Professional Work”. DeHR built the D-App for Users to have a unique Passport in DeHR Career Metaverse, with this Global Professional Passport, users can connect to the ecosystem for Global Talents, companies, organizations through daily Social Feeds, Decentralized Finance & Data Marketplace. 

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