Investment Solutions AG joins the mission with DeHR as Investors and Partners


Investment Solutions AG joins the mission with DeHR as Investors and Partners

November 2, 2021


Investment Solutions AG joins the mission with DeHR as Investors and Partners

About DeHR & Investment Solutions AG

Partnership between DeHR and Investment Solutions AG

DeHR is ecstatic to announce the partnership with Investment Solutions AG. This relation strengthens DeHR financial roots for further development. Investment Solutions AG also adds value with marketing and community development. Meanwhile, DeHR can add more value to the communities as well as Human Resources services for Investment Solutions AG in the near future. 

About Investment Solutions AG



Investment Solutions AG is a venture fund located in Zug, Switzerland, investing in early-stages of cryptocurrency startups all over the world. Today, they manage capital for family offices, institutions, and high net worth individuals. In addition, Investment Solutions AG connects blockchain architects, advisors, community managers, social institutions, investors and others via their well-built network of top media and marketing resources. Investment Solutions AG will support the expansion, help DeHR achieve marketing goals and fully realize our potential.




About DeHR


A Revolution SocialFi Network designed for “Everything About Your Career, Your Professional Work”. DeHR built the D-App for Users to have a unique Passport in DeHR Career Metaverse, with this Global Professional Passport, users can connect to the ecosystem for Global Talents, Company, Organization through daily Social Feeds, Decentralized Finance & Data Marketplace. 

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