Let’s Join Staking DHR To Get Up To Discount 30% APY !

Let's Join Staking DHR To Get Up To 30% APY !

Let’s Join Staking DHR To Get Up To Discount 30% APY !

DeHR Introduces The Staking Pool To Give You The Opportunity To Earn Income Passively With The High Rate Of StakingStaking DHR

What’s the DeHR Staking?

There will be several new features on the DeHR Dapp and we all need more $DHR Token to be ready to enjoy the mainnet platform with real earning and spending. Staking is a great way to use your DHR to generate passive income, especially because the DeHR network offers high interest rates for staking. But before you get started, it’s important to fully understand some policy of DHR staking works with these following information:Staking DHR

Staking – things you should know

Stake at websitehttps://stake.dehr.networkStaking DHR

Platform: KRC20 and BEP20Staking DHR

APY: 30% for both platformsStaking DHR

Minimum: 100 DHRStaking DHR

  • Staking pool size is limited by 5,000,000 DHR. This is First Come First Served pool, so please well prepare to join that intimate staking event!
  • Users can claim interest at any time after the first one hour staking.
  • If user add more token to their current staking
    • First, the current staking would be ended with no fee. The gaining profit until that time will be sent to their wallet (with their confirmation).
    • Second, the timeline and interest rate for the new staking will be set.
  • Users can unstake at any time. Note that if staking time is less than one hour, interest would be count Zero.
  • Fee for every unstake action will be 0.6% on their total staking token.

Note:  Rewards are calculated based on the amount of the DHR you hold in that XXX wallet—the more you hold, the more DeHR can stake on your behalf, and the more potential rewards you receive.

How to stake your $DHR?Staking DHR

Step 1: You will need to stake from a MetaMask/Kai wallet if you do not have one you can download and set up from https://metamask.io/ or link with kai wallet. You will also need $DHR which can be purchased from https://pancakeswap.finance/swap or https://kaidex.io/swap and finally some BNB to pay for gas fees which can be purchased from most exchanges.

Step 2: Go to stake.dehr.network

Step 3: Select the pool you want to stake in and connect wallet

3.1 – If you select pool DHR-KAI, connect to KAI wallet (ảnh chọn pool DHR-KAI và ảnh connect ví KAI)

3.2 – If you select pool DHR-BSC, connect to METAMASK wallet (ảnh chọn pool DHR-BSC và ảnh connect ví METAMASK)

Step 4: After connect wallet, Click to Stake and input number, Click to Stake again

Step 5: Accept staking with fee

Step 6: You have see your stake $DHR and rewards on screen

How to stake more?

Step 1: After connect wallet, click stake again and input number

Step 2: Do a stake action again and you will have new staking $DHR and staking rewards before will be sent to your wallet

How to Claim?

Step 1: Click Claim on screen

Step 2: Click to accept claim or cancel

Step 3: Claim successfully

How to Unstake?

Step 1: Click unstake on screen

Step 2: Click to accept unstake or cancel

Step 3: Unstake successfully

About DeHR

DeHR is a Decentralized Social Career Metaverse where people fully control data to earn incomes, global jobs and relationships. Users can Connect and Exchange Data as a daily basis but in a better way through ”CONNECT TO EARN” career activities: Earning with your career.

DeHR can be described as “Decentralized LinkedIn” where Users can Connect and Exchange Data as a daily basis but in a better way through ”CONNECT TO EARN” career activities: Earning with your career.

We build DEHR for YOU to Earn: earn legit profile, earn trusted connection, earn dream jobs. But not only that, YOU can earn DEHR tokens which is a source of passive income simply with Your Profile and daily social mining activities. Earning has never been easier with DEHR.

📌 DeHR – A Decentralized Social Career Metaverse:
Website: https://www.dehr.network
Telegram Group: t.me/dehrofficialgr
Telegram Channel: t.me/dehrofficialchn
Telegram Vietnam group: t.me/dehrvietnamofficial
Facebook: www.facebook.com/dehrnetwork
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Dehrofficial

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