New Upcoming Hot DeHR Events In January

New Upcoming Hot DeHR Events In January

New Upcoming Hot DeHR Events In January

DeHR Events Announcement

We want to give you the heads-up of all new DeHR Events coming in January. As we get closer to each event, all their details will be announced so don’t forget to check it out regularly for more information ! And without any further ado, let’s see what we have in community for all of you !

DeHR is Decentralized Social Career Metaverse where people fully control data to earn incomes, global jobs and relationships.

DeHR can be described as “Decentralized LinkedIn” where Users can Connect and Exchange Data as a daily basis but in a better way through ”CONNECT TO EARN” career activities: Earning with your career.

We build DEHR for YOU to Earn: earn legit profile, earn trusted connection, earn dream jobs. But not only that, YOU can earn DEHR tokens which is a source of passive income simply with Your Profile and daily social mining activities.

Earning has never been easier with DEHR. DeHR’s official website:

New Upcoming DeHR Events In January

10th Jan : Sticker contest
11th Jan : Mini game Top 10 chat active member
17th Jan : Content contest
18th Jan : Best CV on DeHR beta contest
24th Jan : Meme contest
30th Jan : New year banner design contest
31st Jan: New year Lucky money mini game

All of DeHR Events that you need to do is keep active !!!

You absolutely do not want to miss it, as not only make the community know more about DeHR but we also will leak some news in this AMA that would surprised all of you.

📌 DeHR – A Decentralized Social Career Metaverse:
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