Recruiting Solutions Using Technology – New Potential Platform In 2022

Recruiting Solutions Using Technology

Recruiting Solutions Using Technology – New Potential Platform In 2022

Technology – Game changing factor in HR Industry Big Data , the Key factor in the New HR Processes New Horizon with new Technologies availableRecruiting Solutions


Technology – Game changing factor in HR Industry

Recruiting solutions using technology will start from. Hiring involves identifying potential employees through sourcing advertisements or networking with industry contacts; assessing their suitability for available roles based on skill set, experience etc.; running interviews before making final hiring decisions; onboarding individuals once they join your team ensuring there are suitable policies procedures in place so everyone knows what’s expected from these new members as well as helping them transition into their role successfully within the organization over time – all while managing any relevant employee relations issues throughout each step along the way! All of these processes are in the market for a long time.

But just like other areas of the HR industry, or other industries, technology is rapidly changing the way businesses find and recruit talent. Whether it’s automating manual processes or identifying unconscious bias in job adverts, let’s explore the powerful role HR technology plays in recruitment. And this is where DEHR can play an important role.Recruiting Solutions

In the past, recruiters used to spend a lot of time and resources hiring an employee. However, thanks to technology like DEHR combined with AI, the process will be easier than ever before for companies in many industries to hire employees quickly and efficiently. Attracting, hiring, and retaining talent has never been a simple task but HR professionals from various fields are turning towards using new technologies as they may help streamline these processes.Recruiting Solutions

“A new trend in the world of talent acquisition is to utilize technology. A recent survey shows that companies are looking for ways to streamline their hiring process, and more specifically, recruiters hope this means better candidates.”Recruiting Solutions

“In fact – 42% have taken on a candidate without ever meeting them face-to-face or even having an initial phone interview! Instead they’ve turned towards video interviews over Skype as well as other platforms like DEHR which allows employers to access an applicant’s data by asking behavioural questions based on previous work experience found online through social media. “Once upon a time, job recruitment was a time-consuming and complex process. But this is no longer the case thanks to the advancement and introduction of new recruitment technologies in recent times.

Big Data , the Key factor in the New HR ProcessesRecruiting Solutions


Big data, or people analytics, as it is known when applied to recruiting, is the monumental volume of data that recruiters have access to and analyze, to help them with their quest to find the ideal employee.

Big data recruiting is more than merely screening resumes for keywords or social media data mining. It is a way to create a 360-degree picture of a candidate before they have even stepped foot in the building for their first interview.Recruiting Solutions

Our entire lives now are pretty much played out online: all of our personal data is ready and available (GDPR permitting) for all and sundry to access, and it is a goldmine of information for recruiters to dig down into.Recruiting Solutions

In this day and age, a resume is just too one-dimensional. You want the complete picture of a candidate, warts and all, in order to assess them accordingly, and that is just what big data affords you.

Sure, use the keywords of applicant tracking software to guide your search, but don’t let them define it. Look beyond the keyword and into semantic analytics: extract all the information from a candidate and then analyze the data. Because that is the point of big data – to analyze, understand and interpret it in order to give you a full picture as possible about a candidate. Use of big data is looking promising in the recruitment industry and it can become a standard in the future, as long as those employing it can make sense of it.

Once you know what you’re looking for, you get an almost complete picture of a candidate, both professionally and personally – it is far more revealing than a one-page cover letter and an accompanying resume. Being able to do the job is only half the battle, aligning with company culture, ethos and core values is the rest.


New Horizon with new Technologies availableRecruiting Solutions

With the introduction of new technologies such as big data, blockchain and transparency, modern recruitment strategies have become more effective. These also help in creating a better candidate experience which drives inclusion and diversity through hiring all types of people.

DeHR will transform how HR teams attract, assess, and onboard new employees fundamentally by enabling them to use big data for recruiting processes that lead to better decision-making without compromising on fairness or equality. In the next post, we will dive more into the Connection between Blockchain and HR, and DeHR features in the future.Recruiting Solutions

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