Strategic Sales Round Is Officially Closed


Strategic Sales Round Is Officially Closed

November 6, 2021

With the vision of building a global career network by pioneering the new concept ‘Connect to Earn”, DeHR – Decentralized Human Relationship, has the ambitious strategy to become the first professional passport for metaverses.🌏

💥DeHR builds the D-app in which users can possess avatar profile NFT. The avatar profile serves as a career passport and help them get connected with the ecosystem of global talents, companies and organizations through daily social feeds, decentralized finance & data marketplace

DeHR can be described as a “Decentralized LinkedIn” where users can connect, earn, exchange data as a daily basic through “Connect to Earn” career activities✨

💫From that angle, DeHR has discussed and worked very carefully with many organizations, associations, investment funds around the world who are interested in joining DeHR as a supporter, investors, or contributors to the expansion of DeHR network

👉🏼The strategic sale round occurred from mid-September to end of October 2021 and was filled with reputable backers and investors that show their commitments to go along with DeHR team. They could help DeHR to exploit advantages of block chain communities, to connect more partners joining in DeHR’s ecosystem and increase the awareness and adoption for DeHR’s Marketplace

The strategic pool has been filled very quickly by the Strategic Investment Board of more than 40 backers, KOLs and Entities while DeHR’s Partners now grown significantly to more than 33 partners in place.🚀

🌟As pioneering the concept “Connect to Earn”, DeHR is continuously discussing with a lot of mainstream and crypto/blockchain entities. The Ecosystem of DeHR Career Metaverse will need these partners to contribute and work together to accelerate the development.

🎉Again, welcome all strategic investors and partners joining DeHR and we will work together to realize the vision of the first Global Career Metaverse!!!

👉🏼The project is now moving to the IFO and IDO phase. More details will be released in the next few days, so follow all of our official channels and don’t miss any important information!

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