The 4 Important Future of Crypto Market

The Future of Crypto Market

The 4 Important Future of Crypto Market

The Future of Crypto Market

  • Cryptocurrency Regulation 
  • Bitcoin’s Price Volatility
  • The Presence Of The Crypto World
  • The Future of Cryptocurrency

To the cryptocurrency community, 2021 could be considered a successful year where Bitcoin hit a new all-time high price while most alternative tokens demonstrate big price movements. As a matter of fact, people’s interest in crypto has skyrocketed from both institutions and individuals worldwide. Many are asking if the era of cryptocurrency has come or it is just a hype of a fancy trend.

The clear answer to this question might be difficult to make at this point of time but some vital things we can anticipate to happen should the market becomes more reality:

Cryptocurrency RegulationThe Future of Crypto Market

Lawmakers across the world are trying to figure out how to establish laws and guidelines to make cryptocurrency safer for investors and less appealing to cybercriminals. 
Other governments already showed efforts to crack down on digital currencies and on their way to issue their own stablecoins.

Although the effect of these legal movements might not bear a straightforward Yes/No to the future of cryptocurrency, many experts believe regulation is a good thing for the industry.

Bitcoin’s Price VolatilityThe Future of Crypto Market

Bitcoin is an indicator of the crypto market in general due to it’s the largest cryptocurrency by market cap and the rest of the market tends to follow its trends. 

Bitcoin’s volatility is an attractive feature for investors as they are speculating its price movement while to the people who are still watching the market, the fundamentals of the movement are just too fragile. Obviously, balancing is the key success factor to both sides.

The Presence Of The Crypto WorldThe Future of Crypto Market

People can lie but the number never lies. In 2021, this is the top Global Crypto AdoptionIndex. This list is made by 3 metrics.


Global adoption keeps growing. It’s grown 2300$ from Q3 2019. The reason for this is Crypto has become more real. In reality, people start to buy and sell crypto. Many countries have the plan to use crypto for their business transactions.Examples are Facebook, Amazon, etc.

They start to have ATMs for crypto in many countries. DeHR becomes a line walker. The project to make crypto, some things unreal, can be real. It’s not only a career hub, it can be a community or a neighborhood, a family

The Future of CryptocurrencyThe Future of Crypto Market

Since the market is still in its infancy rapidly growing to compete with other types of financial markets, the ability to absorb more adoption would be the critical factor for its success in the future. As to any currencies, the broader the accepted market is, the higher the liquidity is.The Future of Crypto Market

As of today, there are thousands of existing projects with their own payment tokens. Each project runs a community just like a small village where you know friends next door, your neighborhood and the community. But what happens when you come to another village?

Many DEX did a very good job of providing liquidity to the community and a way of swapping different tokens to each other. To make it highly adopted in a big scale environment, we need some use cases where the global supply and demand are meeting each other.The Future of Crypto Market

The use case should also shine its light on the existing issue of lacking Identity and Trustworthiness. Many projects are pursuing their visions to realize the vision of creating a global trusted network like the HR industry. People are connected with a mechanism of verification and rating. The successful solution is yet to come but it is worth our anticipation.The Future of Crypto Market

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