Winners Of DeHR And Kenzo – It’s Great To Announce List 10 Winners

It's Great To Announce List 10 Winners Of DeHR And Kenzo

Winners Of DeHR And Kenzo – It’s Great To Announce List 10 Winners

Congratulations to our AMA Winners of DeHR and Kenzo 🙌🏽

DeHR is Decentralized Social Career Metaverse where people fully control data to earn incomes, global jobs and relationships.
DeHR can be described as “Decentralized LinkedIn” where Users can Connect and Exchange Data as a daily basis but in a better way through CONNECT TO EARN career activities: Earning with your career.

We build DEHR for YOU to Earn: earn legit profile, earn trusted connection, earn dream jobs. But not only that, YOU can earn DEHR tokens which is a source of passive income simply with Your Profile and daily social mining activities. Earning has never been easier with DEHR.

🏅 We would like to congratulate all of the winners listed below for your excellent questions during the last ama session between DeHR and Kenzo.
🏅 We are very happy to receive questions from investors in general and those who are interested in the project in particular. This shows your interest in DeHR.

🏅 And now will be the Winners List:

All Winners of SEGMENT 2 » FROM TWITTERWinners of DeHR and Kenzo

1. @nguyendung12322
2. @ngoclan8888
3. @huyenthuvu7549
4. @babycrypto14
5. @Ritulukim

All Winners of SEGMENT 3 » FREE ASKINGWinners of DeHR and Kenzo

1. @mithilafarjanamim4321
2. @binhpham113
3. @freakingjesus
4. @LeilaniGarris
5. @vuhnkhoa06

Congrats for all the Winners 🥳🥳🥳
📌 Please send a DM to @Idalvernando with your BEP20 wallet address to receive 10 USDT each

You absolutely do not want to miss it, as not only make the community know more about DeHR but we also will leak some news in this AMA that would surprised all of you !!!

📌 DeHR – A Decentralized Social Career Metaverse:
Telegram Group:
Telegram Channel:
Telegram Vietnam group:

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