🔥 DeHR-ers, Are you ready for the coming back of SQUEEZ game? Who will the big, big prize?

🎉 THE SQUEEZ GAME event is easy play and easy to WIN! Rule is described following:

⏰ Event duration: Each day, we’ve got one game for you to play in the Telegram group – The Game Event Will Only Be Count in DeHR Official Group.

Daily, besides completing the gleam mission to get prizes with top ref, the players with the highest score record also have prizes! The surprise is not only the daily reward, there are also lots of final prizes for the top players in the total of 5 days.

Link To Join:


🎮 Play To Earn

👉 Daily prizes:

💰 50 prizes valued 30 $DEHR/each – Top 50 of “Highest daily game score”

💰 5 prizes valued 30 $USDT/each – Top 5 of “ Daily Top Gleam”

👉 Final prizes for TOTAL TOP REF (IN 5 DAYS):

💥 1 prize valued 500 $USDT– 1st place in Final Top Gleam

💥 1 prize valued 200 $USDT – 2nd place in Final Top Gleam

💥 3 prize valued 100 $USDT – 3nd place to 5nd place in Final Top Gleam

👉 How to play and win:

⚡️ Challenge Day 1:

From 3:00 (UTC), Dec 5 to 2:59 (UTC), Dec 6

Play Game Groovy ski and complete 1st Gleam mission.

⚡️ Challenge Day 2:

From 3:00 (UTC), Dec 6 to 2:59 (UTC), Dec 7

Play Spiky Fish 3 and complete the 2nd Gleam mission.

⚡️ Challenge Day 3:

From 3:00 (UTC), Dec 7 to 2:59 (UTC), Dec 8

Play Big Dig! and complete the 3rd Gleam mission.

⚡️ Challenge Day 4:

From 3:00 (UTC), Dec 8 to 2:59 (UTC), Dec 9

Play Pop Beach and complete the 4rd Gleam mission.

⚡️ Challenge Day 5:

From 3:00 (UTC), Dec 9 to 2:59 (UTC), Dec 10

Play Gravity ninja and complete the 5rd Gleam mission.

🏆 The daily winners would be announced 12 hours after the day’s end. The final winners would be announced on 12:00 (UTC), Dec 10

🍀 Join now to have your own $DEHR! It is the limited time to get $DEHR for yourself! Just don’t miss it!


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