November 9, 2021

Weekly Recap Series of DeHR will be updated weekly with all the information readers need on our project. We believe this series by deep-dive and synthesizing will give you an active overview on DeHR every week.

Hello November –  last month of Autumn but the beginning of new adventure – it is the ROAD TO IDO times. Check over our lasted news of the previous week:

        1. New Website release

Too hot to handle – The new template brings an energetic look along with the addition of useful information. This news has been viral on our media channels and so proud to have your positive response! 

Besides new visuals, do not forget to check through the pitch deck – detailed description of our product ,with long term vision of the founding team and desire to decentralize the data marketplace for users to earn their incentive rewards, is in a hurry to launch soon! Looking Forward to having you join!

        2.Close off Strategic sales round

The Strategic pool was filled quickly with the investments of strong backers, partners, KOL and entities also. There are some investors being with us from the very first day,  there are some closely on closing time. The most important thing is that they all realize and believe in the work of the DeHR team, as well as the potential application of our Dapp. 

The whole team is working with 100%, 200%, 300% energy everyday to the next milestone – IDO event!  Do not miss your ticket – open your new way of upgrading your career path – by keeping following us!

        3. Detailed information of new partnerships and investors:

To build the ecosystem, we are seeking trusted partner to go along with in longterm, giving their best to support project as well as serve members, users well. Here are some we’ve introduced last week:

  • Gem Capital: a trusted Crypto community with great knowledge and experience in helping new projects enter the blockchain market, they would be the supportive backer for DeHR to build a Career Network.
  • Solution AG Capital : located in Zug, Switzerland and having a rich portfolio of crypto projects, Investment Solutions AG will support the expansion, help DeHR achieve marketing goals and fully realize our potential.
  • R-930 Capital: focused on technology and financial projects, R-930 considers DeHR as the new sector for their portfolio.  DeHR appreciated R-930’s founder for his belief in our project’s future, and will to have support on financial subjects.
  • Titans Ventures: is the well-known capitals in Vietnam, connecting with a lots of qualified communities, KOL and projects as well. This partnership with Titan would give DeHR a bonus power in local market.
  • Lighthouse: specialized in research on Defi, NFT, Blockchain trends and trading, gaining great reputation in Vietnam. Through the partnership with Lighhouse, DeHR hopes to bring the concept Connect to Earn closer to the communities, giving them a chance to build their own Career network – future of metaverse.
  • Thinksmart Brother: a Leading GameFi Crypto VC that invests in early Startup Gamefi & Defi Unicorn, with experts of 30years+ working experience. In this partnership, Thinksmart Brother Capital has invested in, along with will participate in connecting and promoting DeHR’s products to its investor community.
  • Bullishblock: a private venture capital from global, who are ready to provide valuable information and social feed on DeHR Platform, opening up many opportunities for promoting the participation of new users. 

In the next week, we would keep informed details about the partnership with others and update more news about our project! 

Time to IDO is  countdown by week! Stay connected to be the one who get opportunities to go with us on Whitelist! Furthermore, the upcoming launching of Dapp would require a lot of your support!

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