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November 2, 2021

Weekly Recap Series of DeHR will be updated weekly with all the information readers need on our project:. We believe this series by deep-dive and synthesizing will give you an active overview on DeHR every week.

  1. MVP result 

During the MVP test event, DeHR team had received numerous participation and valuable feedback. Thanks to this, the whole team is still working to keep improving the product as well as the core value, building a strong platform for users to “connect to earn” at ease. The results has been published on:

Once again, congratulations to the lucky members who got 2 IDO Lottery tickets! We’re working hard and waiting for you for the remarkable night! To the others, the opportunities are still open for a handful of activities! Chase it – Connect to earn!
PS: IDO and IFO information will be released more this week!!!

  1. Together we go further

This week was filled with a lot of good news focusing on partnership with strong backers and projects, with the goal to exploit advantages of blockchain communities and increase potential user’s awareness of DeHR service. Here are our new partnership announced this week:

  • HanaGold: DeHR Network and HanaGold want to promote the connection between NFT and the real world. This cooperation strengthens DeHR Network’s vision of a powerful DeHR ecosystem in the future, provides better services, and becomes a gateway for users to enter the most trusted blockchain world.
  • EXE: DeHR takes pride in partnering with one of the most dedicated and first choice service providers in the IT industry. With the sets of goals in common, we will strive to remove the in-between hassles, and intend to connect job-seekers directly to qualifying employers in a safe and authenticated method.
  • INTR Venture: INTR is a community hosted by a group of experts supporting both traders and project owners on earning profit. They also have their own token and ecosystem, being the potential partnership to go with DeHR in long term activities. 
  • Avalon Wealth Club:  Received capital from overseas investors like Avalon, DeHR is going closer with the global market. In this partnership, our project is considered as a new model of SocialFi – which would be one of the most potential in the next blockchain market. Besides the profitable value, following the long term development is key things that both sides focus on.
  1. Mark your Halloween!

People dress in costumes to celebrate Halloween. Our community is proudly having our game as much thriller! The “REAL DRACULA HUNT DEHR$” airdrop event ended on 23:59pm GMT+7 31 Oct, 2021. For the First Time Ever, Unlimited DeHR Airdrop Pool is ready for everyone to earn.

We are so happy to have your enjoyment! For the Winner Announcement: read here: WINNER LIST!

Last week was full of joy and intensive working time also. Our motivation is the growth of our communities everyday, as well as the welcome of industry for projects. Time to IFO and IDO is coming, keep pushing to count that day!

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