Welcome Mr. Quang Le to DeHR’s Board of Advisor


Welcome Mr. Quang Le to DeHR’s Board of Advisor

We Proudly announce that we just onboard our Technical advisor – Mr. Quang Le. 

Having support from Mr. Quang – The expert of blockchain and cryptography technology.

– The expert of blockchain and cryptography technology. With his knowledge and experiences in this field, DeHR is more confident about the technical aspects of this project for investors.

In blockchain and technology expertise, Mr. Quang is a well-known data expert  with over 20 years of experience working and doing research in Computer Graphics, Computer Vision, Machine Learning. He works as Director of Research for Infinity Blockchain Lab (IBL), Founder of Ginar (http://ginar.io) world’s best Verifiable Random Number Generation on Blockchain Product. He also gives his knowledge for gamefi Legend Of The 7 Kingdoms with the role of CTO. 

“ In my opinion, there are 3 essential conditions for a successful project: The project brings a solution to the real need of the community. Project development team has good professional experience. Guaranteed by reliable investors. DeHR is one of the few projects that fully converges the above 3 conditions “ – Mr. Quang stated about DeHR. In the product’s development phase, he would contribute his experience to support the team in solving technical aspects, especially with the core data exchanges and security for DeHR Platform.

Connect to connect more – having these experts in our team, we would be the best decentralized social career platform where people fully control data to earn incomes, global jobs and relationships. 

Again, Let’s welcome Mr Quang Le to join the Advisor Board and thrive together!!!

About DeHR

DeHR – A Decentralized Social Career Metaverse

A Revolution SocialFi Network designed for “Everything About Your Career, Your Professional Work”. DeHR built the D-App for Users to have a unique Avatar Profile NFT, with this Global Professional Passport, users can connect to the ecosystem for Global Talents, Company, Organization through daily Social Feeds, Decentralized Finance & Data Marketplace.

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