Welcome R-930 Capital join DeHR’s Investor Board


Welcome R-930 Capital join DeHR’s Investor Board

October 1, 2021


R-930 Capital join DeHR’s Investor Board

About DeHR and R-930 Capital

R-930 Capital join DeHR’s Investor Board

This week, DeHR is incredibly honored to welcome a R-930 Capital, an entity built on knowledge and leveraging cutting edge technology in the world of finance. It is our pleasure to be a part of the diverse portfolio of R-930 Capital.

About R-930


R-930 Capital is always looking to invest in and match the right ideas with the right resources with the mission to generate financial wealth of the global market – blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and disruptive technologies through the implementation of rigorous investment strategies that guarantee the success of those companies in which they invest, as well as profitable and reliable returns for their stakeholders.

Founder and CEO of R-930 Capital is a pioneer in financial technology – Fintech. As the financial industry heralded the change in the methods of investing from traditional IPOs to ICOs, and from regular currencies to cryptocurrencies, he was one of the earliest to invest in blockchain projects which currently have a huge impact in the financial sector. From that, DeHR can also bring more value and provide more opportunities for R-930 Capital.

Website: https://r-930capital.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/R930Capital

Telegram: https://t.me/r930capital

About DeHR


A Revolution SocialFi Network designed for “Everything About Your Career, Your Professional Work”. DeHR built the D-App for Users to have a unique Avatar Profile NFT, with this Global Professional Passport, users can connect to the ecosystem for Global Talents, Company, Organization through daily Social Feeds, Decentralized Finance & Data Marketplace.

Learn more about DeHR by visiting our channels: 

Website: https://www.dehr.network
Telegram Group: t.me/dehrofficialgr
Telegram Channel: t.me/dehrofficialchn
Telegram Vietnam Group: t.me/dehrvietnamofficial
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dehrnetwork
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Dehrofficial
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