What is the vision of DeHR when Blockchain is adopted worldwide?


What is the vision of DeHR when Blockchain is adopted worldwide?

September 21, 2021

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Vision of DeHR


Possible usages of blockchain to HR

Vision Of DeHR

Each global citizen must possess a blockchain passport (DeHR Profile and Token) where they stored their encrypted, verified, rated data together with globally accepted payment.

Since everyone need a job to make a living, here is some key findings from PwC:


While disruption from blockchain is more commonly associated with areas like payments and capital markets, its effects on HR will be profound and pervasive.

Rather than focusing on the intricacies of the technology itself, HR functions should consider the benefits blockchain delivers – such as trustworthy verification of counterparties’ identity without the involvement of a third-party – and then identify problems and areas of inefficiency in their existing operations that could be addressed through blockchain.

The processes most appropriate for transformation through blockchain are likely to be those that are slow, cumbersome, labour-intensive and expensive due to the need for significant data collection and third-party verification.

Possible usages of blockchain to HR

In turn, giving people a comprehensive, trustworthy blockchain-based record of their education, skills, training and workplace performance.

Verifying and assessing the education, skills and performance of potential recruits – enabling those recruits to be allocated to the most appropriate roles.


Managing cross-border payments and employee mobility, including international expenses and tax liabilities, with the potential for organisations to create their own corporate currencies.


Boosting productivity, such as by automating and reducing the burden of routine, data-heavy processes like VAT administration and payroll.


Enhancing fraud prevention and cybersecurity in HR, including both employees and contractors.

Source: https://www.pwc.ch/en/insights/hr/how-blockchain-can-impact-hr-and-the-world-of-work.html

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